Welcome to the Ranch!

Oak Hill Ranch began with a simple dream of living off the land. When we moved to the ranch in 2016, it had been neglected and vacant for years. Since then, we have been working hard creating the homestead that we have envisioned. We hope this will be a place to teach our children as well as others, the satisfaction of working the land, the responsibility of caring for farm animals, and to enjoy the fruits, (and vegetables) of their labors!

So far, our efforts have resulted in a chicken coop that is home to 18 chickens, a pasture that is home to four Boer goats and four Dorset sheep, three large garden areas, three rabbits, nine baby bunnies, two cats, a great Pyrenees dog, a miniature pot belly pig, three hogs, 7 piglets, two donkey’s, one Holstein dairy cow and soon a honey bee colony!

We feel grateful for all that we have been given, and feel it is time to share our ranch with others who share our vision.


Michael & Misty


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