About Us


Michael and I are California natives, and home-school our seven energetic children. We love learning new ways to grow both animal and plant based food successfully. Both of us have always enjoyed the outdoors, Michael was involved in many outdoor activities as a boy scout, and I have fond memories of going to the horse ranch after school in order to earn riding lessons, and learning the benefits of hard work.

We always dreamed that someday we would own land for our children to enjoy, and now here we are! We are thankful to God everyday we get to enjoy it, and share it with others.

Below is a little about previous ranch instructors:

a634f40c-c441-4a0c-b75c-e1add8369217Misty Muhlestein: Ranch Director and Teacher

Misty has many years of experience working with children and youth. She has been a church youth leader for 8-18 year old’s for several years. She has had six exchange students, over thirty live-in volunteers, and has fostered five children. She is still an active foster parent, and is CPR and First aid Certified, and has been fingerprinted and background checked by the state.

Misty has run a Co-op out of her home, as well as pre-school classes. She has also been a 4H member for two years. She currently homeschools with her six children, and works with the animals, and runs the Ranch business. She has had small animals off and on for the past 5 years including rabbits and chickens. Her passion is in agriculture, animals, cooking, and hiking. She hopes to learn from the children, and share with them her love for learning, enterprise, leadership, and adventure.

Additionally, Misty has her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management, and holds two current license’s through the state of California for Cosmetology and Esthetician. She and Michael also previously owned a Salon and Spa.


Katie Vegvary: Oaks Ranch Immersion Teacher.

Hi I’m Katie! I’ve been an outdoor educator and kayak guide for the last ten years on the mighty Columbia River in Washington State. My husband and eight year old son Rownen and I built a tiny house in Washington and started a small farm just a mile from the Columbia River a few years ago. There we raised a big garden, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, turkeys and the best farm dog in the world Nanook!

Last year we relocated back to the Bay Area ( we both grew up here) for Alex’s job, but kept our tiny house up north and visit it every chance we can. I’m a certified early education teacher and have taught preschool and Sunday School. I’ve been a certified Wilderness First Responder for the last ten years and strive to be prepared for any situation.

I love Native American history and have taught myself survival skills and wild foraging. I love to surf, kayak, hike and travel with my family.

Lissette Wright: 3rd-8th Enrichment  History, Spanish and Science teacher.

Lissette is an Educator, who works with youth of all ages. Lissette has been in the field of education for 20 years with non-profits working with youth Pre-K through college years, as a Teacher, Tutor, Mentor in after-school and summer programs, in administration, and now currently home-schooling her middle school daughter.

With a love for the outdoors and a growing passion for healthier living, she has devoted her life to learning more about health, nature, and giving back to our communities.

Recently, Lissette acquired her Masters in Counseling Psychology before moving to the Bay area in Maryland on August 2018. Lissette also holds a Bachelors degree in Spanish and Psychology and speaks fluent Spanish.

IMG_0066 (1)Tracy Randolph: 3rd-8th Grade Enrichment Language Arts, Math and Acorns Ranch Immersion Teacher.

Tracy is overjoyed to join the Oak Hill Family Ranch team.  Tracy has been passionate about teaching both privately and in public schools for the past 18 years!  Tracy received her B.A. in Theatre Performance at San Diego State University, further studied at Kwazulu Natal University in South Africa and at the Maxim Gorky Theatre in Vladivostok, Russia.  Although she planned a career in Theatre, becoming a founding member of what is now the Bay Area Children’s Theatre, life took a different turn when she had her first baby, Matthew, over 12 years ago!  Having been homeschooled herself for High School and fascinated with how people learn, she went back to study Early Childhood Education and decided to homeschool her children, excited to nourish a child’s natural curiosity and ignite a love of learning in settings that could allow child centered education.  Now a Mother of 3 (Matthew, Luna, and Milo), she enjoys running classes related to Art & Drama from her home in Concord that focus on using student’s natural gifts to shine through arts education project based experiences.  Tracy is thrilled to join OHFM this Fall, teaching whole child focused classes in Language Arts (Reading/Creative Writing/Critical Thinking) and Math (Waldorf Inspired) in the Enrichment Program as well as being the Preschool Teacher on Tuesdays Ranch Experience class.  What a joy to be with kids, animals, and the natural world outside!  


Amy Brain: K-2nd Enrichment Teacher and Program Advisor.   

Amy loves the Outdoors: gardening, hiking, and camping. She also enjoys cooking savory meals, baking gluten free scones, and knitting/crochet. She is fascinated by stories from cultures all over the world and also stories from children’s hearts.

Amy started her journey to becoming a teacher by teaching summer Art classes when she was 12 at the local pool. A child at heart, she is now a CA credentialed teacher with a playful disposition.“Heads, Hands and Heart “ is a guiding motto in her life as a teacher. 

She is always fascinated with “What else might you do with some string?” Finger Knitting, Cat’s Cradle, Jump Rope, Knitting, Crochet, Spinning Wool.  Amy has been in Education most of her life. She has taught preschool, K, 1, 2, 3 in the classroom and K-6 YMCA camps and after school programs. She is inspired by Bev Boss, Peter Gray, and Sir Ken Robinson. 

She likes to observe how children learn gleefully and passionately and adjust accordingly! Amy is also a Reading Specialist in her own practice “Early Elements” and will bring all that she knows about multi-sensory teaching of Language Arts & Math to the Oak Hill Ranch enrichment experience.