About us


Michael and I are California natives, and home-school our six energetic children. Michael’s full time job is a pump station operator with the county, he does all the work and maintenance on the property, and I run the business, teach classes and stay home with our children.

Both of us have always enjoyed the outdoors, Michael was involved in many outdoor activities as a boy scout, and I have fond memories of going to the horse ranch after school in order to earn riding lessons, and learning the benefits of hard work.

We always dreamed that someday we would own land for our children to enjoy, and now here we are! We have been slowly working since we bought our property in 2016, on creating our farm. We are thankful to God everyday we get to enjoy it, and share it with others.

Below is a little about the Ranch intructors Misty and Katie Vegvary.

Misty has many years of experience working with children and youth. She has been a church youth leader for 12-18 year olds, and currently 8-11 year olds. She has had six exchange students through out the years, and has fostered five children. She is still an active foster parent, and is CPR and First aid Certified, and has been fingerprinted and background checked by the state.

Misty has run a Co-op out of her home, as well as pre-school classes. She has also been a 4H member for two years. She currently homeschools with her six children, and works with the animals, and runs the Ranch business. She has had small animals off and on for the past 5 years including rabbits and chickens. Her passion is in agriculture, animals, cooking, and hiking. She hopes to learn from the children, and share with them her love for learning, enterprise, leadership, and adventure.

Additionally Misty has her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management, and holds two current licences through the state of California for Cosmetology and Esthetician. She and Michael also previously owned a Salon and Spa.


Hi I’m Katie Vegvary. I’ve been an outdoor educator and kayak guide for the last ten years on the mighty Columbia River in Washington State. My husband and eight year old son Rownen and I built a tiny house in Washington and started a small farm just a mile from the Columbia River a few years ago. There we raised a big garden, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, turkeys and the best farm dog in the world Nanook!

Last year we relocated back to the Bay Area ( we both grew up here) for Alex’s job, but kept our tiny house up north and visit it every chance we can. I’m a certified early education teacher and have taught preschool and Sunday School. I’ve been a certified Wilderness First Responder for the last ten years and strive to be prepared for any situation.

I love Native American history and have taught myself survival skills and wild foraging. I love to surf, kayak, hike and travel with my family.

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