Session two, week two! Written by Emmy

Hi everyone!

We had a fun wet muddy time. We started the day by going on a hike up to the Oak tree and then listened to a story about fairness. Then we came down and did Ranch chores: feeding the pigs, feeding the rabbits, taking care of the garden and the compost. Next we ate lunch, this week’s lunch was noodles with sweet sauce and everyone liked it.We listened to presentations from Lily, Francisco, and me (Emmy). After that we made scarecrows named Earl who was a half boy half girl, Amy, and diamond which is what my 5 year old sister named it. We had popsicles on the driveway, and told jokes! This week was such a fun week :-).

Session One week 8!

We had such a great week! This week was our service week, which means as a class we make a meal for a family in need. We made sweet potato and apple vegetarian chili, the children loved it! We also made a card for the family with the quote “small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world” on the front of the card, and believe this is true. We are so grateful for these classes, and are learning so much from one another. Next week is Session two!!

Session one week six!

Onother beautiful day here at the ranch! We have so much work to do to prepare for winter. It will be lambing and kidding season, and we will some new members of the ranch soon!

Ranch chores this week included moving goats and sheep to the upper paddock, however on Fridays class we tried to move one sheep back down, and she would not budge, so we left her in the upper paddock, and Teacher Katie roped Ranch Hand Nick instead, the children really enjoyed watching ha!