Hi, I’m Emmy Muhlestein

I’m 10 years old. I live on Oak Hill Ranch with my Family. I would like to introduce you to all the animals on this farm, this is Part ONE of TWO post’s, I will write another post soon. We have a lot of animals!

This is Beatrice the cow. B for short.

Star and Elliot, the donkeys

This is Penelope our pot bellied pig.

This is Faleece the alpha sheep.

This Ramsey a boy (Ram) sheep.

This is maple a girl (sow) pig.

This is babe, she is also a girl (gilt.)

This is honey the very loving girl (doe ) goat.

This is Lucy the very protective (doe )mother.

These are Lucy’s babys.

This is my sweet chicken.

This is Cotton, the white one, he is a boy (buck) and Summer she is a girl (doe.)