Farm Immersion

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

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Using the 4H, and California foundation for agriculture curriculum, each class provides an experience where children learn by doing. Your Child will complete hands-on projects and learn communication skills in a positive environment, while also learning about agricultural science, history, math, journaling, and leadership.

Your child will not only have fun while learning at the ranch, but they will also gain friendships and many life skills. They will also participate in at least one service project per session.

2019/2020 School Year Sessions

Classes are currently full this year, however, we have summer and fall sessions available

2020/2021 School Year Sessions 

Farm Immersion ages 5-14, price for each eight week session $330- Fall, Winter I, Winter II, Spring. 

Sessions will be held one day a week for three and a half hours on Thursdays  10:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. OR 11:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. Each session runs for 8 weeks.

Session One: September 3rd- October 29th  No class: September 17th

Session Two: November 12th – January 21st No class: Nov 26th, Dec 24th & Dec 31st

Session Three: January 28th– March 25th  No class: February 11th

Session Four: April 1st- May 27th No class: April 8th

Each session is different from the next and was created with all levels in mind. 

Sample Daily Schedule

Morning Session

10:00- Arrival, Group Connection, presentations, Agricultural Math, Ag-Science/History, Journal, hands on project.

11:15- Ranch chores-Market, Animal Husbandry, Permaculture, Harvesting, Composting, Art, Handicrafts, Food preservation.

12:00- Lunch-  Food preparation and clean- up.  Package meal for community service project (last week of class)

1:00- Animal exploration, games

1:30- Pick up and popsicle!

Afternoon Session 

11:45- Arrival, Lunch-  Food preparation and clean- up.  Package meal for community service project (last week of class)

1:00- Ranch chores-Market, Animal Husbandry, Permaculture, Harvesting, Composting,  Food preservation.

1:45- Group Connection, presentations, Agricultural Math, Agricultural Science/History, Journal, hands-on project.

2:45- Animal exploration, games

3:15- Pick up and popsicle!

Description of Schedule

Ranch Chores – Children will feed and water poultry and pastured animals, and milk when in season. They will care for plants in garden beds (including weed control), harvest, compost and help with market, and food preservation

Agricultural Math, Science, History, and Journaling – Children will learn about a variety of subjects relating to Agriculture and Farming such as math, cooking, growing calendar, problem-solving, construction, measuring, weighing, building, planting, harvesting, preserving. Plant and animal science, written and oral presentations, and agricultural vocabulary. 

Presentations- Children will have the opportunity to research agricultural topics that interest them and discuss what they have learned with the class. This is a very important part of their learning by doing experience. Children can present by themselves, with family members, or with another member of the group.

Lunch Preparation – Children will learn about food preparation and preservation. We will be preparing lunch together as a group, which means no need to pack your child’s lunch, unless there is a food allergy!* Each child will be asked to bring one ingredient called for the recipe each week.

Community Service Project– Participating in community services gives children a sense of pride and happiness in helping others, and also helps to foster a sense of responsibility. We make a meal to donate to the community in each session.



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