NEW week-long Frontier Living Series 

For Registration ClickHERE

Each day children will have an opportunity to work with animals while also learning about American pioneers, and how physics and agriculture can work together. Early Pioneers were known for their hearty spirit and ability to live off the land. We will have hands-on activities designed to help your child learn about the lives of the early pioneers their know-how, strong determination, and sense of community to survive and prosper.

Summer Series Schedule

Week One: July 6th-10th

Week Two: August 3rd-7th

MTWTF 9:30 a.m. – 12:30

Sample Daily Schedule

9:30-Arrival, Group Connection, farm physics, hands-on project (pumpkin pie in a bag, soap making, finger weaving, colonial pancakes, cornhusk dolls, apple butter, ginger herbal soda, rainbow veggie ferment, apple faces, healing salve.)

10:45- Ranch chores-Feed animals, clean coops, garden, market prep.

11:45- Lunch- Avacado smoothies, fruit parfait, pinwheels, open face egg sandwiches,colonial pancakes – Children will prepare food together, and clean up together.

12:30 Games, visiting animals, Roping.

1:00- Pick up and popsicle!



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