Summer Immersion Sessions

Registration coming soon!

Class Description

Our summer immersion sessions allow children to learn by doing. Using the 4H curriculum, children will learn about health, science, agriculture, and leadership. Children will learn the value of work ethics, responsibility towards animals, to the environment and to each other.

Children between the ages 5-14 will be in class together, with two ranch helper’s, and no more than 12 children in a class. Children 15-18 have the opportunity to volunteer as a ranch helper, if interested please click on Ranch Helper.

Beginning June 11th 2019, Summer Sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m-1:30 p.m. Cost for two-day immersion session is $85.

Summer Dates

Session One: June 11th & 13th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Two: June 18th & 20th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Three: June 25th & 27th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Four: July 2nd -Only one day 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Five: July 9th & 11th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Six: July 16th & 18th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Seven: July 23rd & 25th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Eight: July 30th & August 1st 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

about a variety of topics from the 4H skills for life animal series workbooks. Current project topics include rabbit, poultry, meat goat, swine, sheep, plants, cattle, insects, birds, and honey bees.Session Nine: August 6th & 8th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Session Ten: August 13th & 15th 12/12 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Sample Daily Schedule

Each session is different and was created with all levels in mind. However, for children interested in attending more than one session, each session builds upon the previous. This means children will have more growth and leadership opportunities with each session they attend.

Day one- June 11th

10:05- Pledge of allegiance, safety and rules, six pillars of character focus: Trustworthiness, Hike to tree

10:45-Ranch chores

11:15- Lunch- smoothies*

*Children will prepare food together, and clean up together.

12:15-Cooking 101, Woodworking, or Crafting

1:15-Free choice or team building game- Visit animals, Sand animal hides, Nature Watercolor, Roping.

Day 2 June 13th-

10:05- Group circle- Pledge of allegiance, safety and rules, six pillars of character focus: Trustworthiness

10:45- Ranch chores- (split into two groups, alternate)

11:15-Lunch- Cheesy broccoli and ranch smashed potatoes

12:15- Master gardener-Grow-Know and show sombrero analyze what plants need and how they support people, Garden journal.

1:15-Free choice or team building game- Visit animals, Sand animal hides, Nature Watercolor, Roping

Description of Schedule

Ranch Chores – Children will feed and water poultry and pastured animals, and milk when in season. They will care for plants in garden beds (including weed control), harvest, compost and help with harvest share.

Lunch Preparation – Children will learn about food preparation and preservation. We will be preparing lunch together as a group, which means no need to pack your child’s lunch, unless there is a food allergy!* Each child will be asked to bring one ingredient called for the recipe each week.

Hike – Children will hike up to the Oak tree for observation.

Grow- Learn, grow and Go! Is a curriculum of the Junior Master Gardener program to encourage physical activity, increase vegetable exposure and preference, knowledge about nutrition, and more knowledge about plant science.

Team building activity- Acres of adventures is one curriculum we use that cultivates excitement for science and agriculture through a variety of hands-on agriculturally based activities. Children will participate in a variety of team building games and activities.

Six pillars of character– Each week we the group will work on a new character building topic. To learn more about the six pillars of character please click on Character.

Please see the Ranch tab for instructions on being prepared for classes at the ranch.

Pick up and drop off will be located at the gate on Hess road in front of the Ranch. We make it easy on you, you don’t even have to get out of your car!


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