Parent requirements


Ranch Helper

There are many opportunities to serve as a Helper at the ranch. We ask parents or any member of your family over the age of 12 to serve as a Ranch helper at least two to three hours a month during the session your child is enrolled. Three hours for Homeschool families and two hours for 3 & 4 year’s families.  Although the sessions are led by a head teacher, we will be asking for your support in helping the teacher in any way she needs.

Ranch Helpers may help in any capacity they are able to during ranch hours, this could be teaching, harvesting, weeding, website editing, social media advertizing, cleaning, painting, feeding animals, talking photographs, the possibilities are endless =-).

This ranch is unique experience for your child to grow and to be a part of a farming community with parents and children who are willing to help and serve each other.The primary focus of Oak Hill Ranch is to learn by doing, to grow with one another and to learn responsibility by doing service . How better a way to model this to our children than to roll up those sleeves and serve as a ranch helper =-). Please click on Registration to sign up! 

If you have any questions always feel free to ask!


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