Say hello to Star, Elliot, and Beatrice ❤️

We had a Christmas surprise, two donkey’s and a Dairy cow! Star and Elliot are both Jerusalem donkey’s, they are five years old, and can you believe Star is expecting a baby foal early this summer?! Beatrice is our Milking cow, she is two years old and produces two gallons of milk per day, she is also extremely friendly and gentle for being so large! We are all so in love, and so thankful ❤️❤️❤️


Session two, week two! Written by Emmy

Hi everyone!

We had a fun wet muddy time. We started the day by going on a hike up to the Oak tree and then listened to a story about fairness. Then we came down and did Ranch chores: feeding the pigs, feeding the rabbits, taking care of the garden and the compost. Next we ate lunch, this week’s lunch was noodles with sweet sauce and everyone liked it.We listened to presentations from Lily, Francisco, and me (Emmy). After that we made scarecrows named Earl who was a half boy half girl, Amy, and diamond which is what my 5 year old sister named it. We had popsicles on the driveway, and told jokes! This week was such a fun week :-).